Method 1: The Social Sharing Button

Website owners across the world can easily implement the Share with Africa social sharing button (MIVA) on their websites now by simply including a small piece of code where they want the button to appear. The SWA button when integrated on a page allows any visitor to that page to instantly share a link to the page in front of millions of users on Mivasocial.

How to do it?

Do you own a website? Insert the code below where you want the button to appear on your website.

<div class=”sharetomiva” style=”max-height:30px;overflow:hidden;margin:0px 0 0 0px;;float:none;position:relative;z-index:99999;text-align:center”>
<iframe class=”sharetomivaframe” src=”” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>
<script type=”text/javascript” defer>
var jq = jQuery;
jQuery( document ).ready( function() {
var url = window.location.href;
var mivalink = “” + url;

Method 2: Manual Sharing utility

Mivasocial offers a simple manual way to instantly share any link with Africa through the largest African Social Networking Platform. The manual process simply involves inserting the link to share and Miva Share will do the rest.

How to do it?

Share a link now

Method 3: WordPress Jetpack Sharing Method

Using WordPress Jetpack plugin, enable the sharing extension. Go to settings of the plugin and add the relevant social media button.

How to do it?

Watch the video and use the following parameters:

Service Name: Miva
Sharing URL:
Icon URL:×16.ico

Example usage

Sasha Best Braids has relied on the “Share with Africa” to drive African social engagement for her brand thus generating afroloves and reshares across the largest African Social Network, Mivasocial.

How does it work?

Let your website or App users spread the word about your business with “Miva Share with Africa”. Mivasocial is the easiest way to share with Africa. With the “Miva Share With Africa(SWA) button on your website” or through the “Miva Share With Africa Page”, your website, App or Product can be instantly be shared and promoted on the largest African social Network with a simple click.
The social button already available on more than 1000 websites will help anyone to easily share any content with Africa or with people from specific African countries. When you see the “Share with Africa” button on any website, simply click it to share instantly with Africa. It is that easy!